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Caitlin & Jodie

Woodhill Hall | April 2022

Caitlin & Jodie waited for a long time for their celebrations at Woodhill Hall and it was so worth the wait! After many wedding dates,* numerous lockdowns, a story telling shoot on their original date and a civil ceremony to officially tie the knot, the big day finally arrived! It was sooo worth the wait!

Woodhill Hall is one of those brilliant venues that is yours for a few days, you get the full run of the place, you can bring your dog too! It was the perfect backdrop for Caitlin & Jodie finally getting the party that they had been dreaming of. 


As these two love birds were already legally married it meant that they could make the ceremony completely their own. It was conducted by two people, a clever balance of a celebrant (a friend) and a drag queen named Mutha Tucka. The ceremony was an emotional rollercoaster with Mutha, towering a sky scraping 7ft (at least!), telling us all how their love story began and poetry from the celebrant. It was perfectly fitting for the two of them and certainly a ceremony none of us will forget.


To get the party started, Back Chat Brass played them back down the aisle. It was so much fun! They are a ‘New Orleans’ inspired brass band from Yorkshire who wander around your venue moving wherever you are, creating an incredible interactive musical experience. Live music really transforms a wedding day and no one can resist dancing to Back Chat Brass!


While everyone was sipping on personalised drinks and grooving to the music we quickly nabbed Caitlin & Jodie for a portrait session. We brought Elton, their pooch, along with us as we had a stroll along the tree lined drive. After a little smooch in the trees, the newlyweds managed to squeeze in a FaceTime to family from New Zealand who couldn’t make it. Before they knew it Caitlin & Jodie were back boogying with the band.


During the day the styling had a gorgeous modern boho feel to it with lots of handmade touches. The Whole Sha-bang worked their magic and for the evening the tipi was transformed into a tropical pink neon fiesta with serious miami vibes. 


Everyone danced the night away to drag queen DJ, Gladys Duffy, whose music kept us firmly planted on the dancefloor. As we left, having been fed delicious pizza, the party was well underway and we had reports that it went on well into the early hours of the morning.


From the very moment we arrived in the morning you could feel the party atmosphere! As Caitlin tells us in her speech, everyone there celebrating with them is there for a reason, because they “have been part of it” part of their story, not to just make up the numbers or out of sense of duty. Each and every second of their big day was meaningful and perfect for the two of them.

The day was photographed by our besties, The Smiths, who create the coolest images and are the lushest ♥ 

Charlotte’s favourite moment from this film: when Jodie is making her speech and she speaks about 'Kintsugi' the Japanese art of repairing objects with gold, celebrating the flaws and appreciating that they make the object more beautiful - gets me every time!

Craig’s favourite moment from this film: the whole section of everyone dancing to the brass band in the conservatory, it was so much fun!

*not their First Date(s)

supplier love

Film - Hello There Films

Venue - Woodhill Hall

Photo - From The Smiths Photography

Hair - James Fulton Hair

Make up - KF Makeup

Florist - Wildflower

Styling - The Whole Sch-Bang

Brass Band - Back Chat Brass


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