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Catherine & David



Catherine & David. What can we say about these two wonderful humans!


Plans changed more times than we can count and we’ve rolled with the punches with them throughout each update and change we’ve been faced with this year. We’ve said love always wins, and as David said on the morning of their wedding - ‘love conquers all’. These words have echoed throughout our thoughts since their wedding day and we cannot think of better words to describe the journey they’ve been through to get to their celebrations.


The words mean so much because they’ve adapted and changed and still said no, we’re still having our day. We’re still having our wedding celebrations. It’s still going to be amazing and nothing is going to stop us because, love does indeed, conquer all. That’s all that matters.


Our first and only ‘full’ day wedding this year did not disappoint, in fact it surpassed anything we expected. It was a day of love, laughs, smiles, tears, dancing, amazing stories and even more love at the beautiful Thicket Priory in York. We’re more than thankful to be part of Catherine & David’s day and we’re beyond excited to show you that indeed, love conquers all. Love always wins. And that really is all that matters. Congratulations, Catherine & David!




Suppliers -

Venue - Thicket Priory

Photographer - Carla Whittingham Photography

Florist – Kathrine Armstrong Bisson Fleuradamo

Cake – LS.Cakery

Band – Electric Idols

Dress – Scarlet Poppy Bridal Boutique

Catering – Baba Ganoush Catering Ltd

Hair – Lauren - Boutique Wedding hair

Make up – Emily - Emily Franks make up

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