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Olivia & Adam

Les Domaines de Patras, South of France | April 2022

As you will see in the film, Olivia tells us that when she said that she wanted a long engagement, she didn’t mean quite as long as the pandemic dictated! They finally tied the knot in April 2022, their third date! It made the actual celebrations all the more meaningful when it finally happened.

With under 24 hours to go before Olivia & Adam’s wedding day we had the opportunity to sit down with them and chat about their love story. We LOVE storytelling shoots with our whole hearts and the closer we can do them to the big day, the better! So under 24 hours is pretty special. Emotions are high, love is in the air, that time is really special. Time rarely allows us the chance to do this the day before the wedding, but when it does . . .  it’s the best!

After the storytelling shoot we took them for a stroll around the picturesque town of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux. It was the perfect start to their celebrations. They had some time to wander around, hand in hand, to take in their surroundings and be ready for the few days ahead of them.


Then it was time for Olivia & Adam to prepare for the evening’s festivities: welcome drinks by the lake at Les Domaines De Patras. Guests had flown in from all over the world and it was a chance for everyone to have a few drinks, relax and get to know each other. As the evening was drawing to a close, the sunset was a magnificent burst of colour, concluding the welcome drinks perfectly.


Les Domaines De Patras, in the South of France, dates back to the 17th century - it’s absolutely dreamy! We can’t imagine anyone visiting and not falling in love with it instantly. With its cyprus tree lined drive, gorgeous lake, 18th century barn & courtyard, swimming pool and jaw-dropping views (to name a few features!); it’s an incredibly beautiful place to get married.


We love capturing the hustle and bustle of a wedding morning and against this beautiful backdrop, we were like kids in a sweet shop! The whole place was alive with activity, from the bridesmaids assembling the polaroid seating plan to the florist [insert name here] expertly crafting an archway of white gypsophila with hints of pink.


As we were getting closer to the ceremony, they both read out each other’s cards. This is one of our FAVOURITE things that can be done on a wedding morning & we love it when our couples do this. It really makes a difference when putting our films together, having those extra sound bites. At this point excitement and nerves tend to get a *little* higher, so it often brings out all sorts of emotions!


Olivia’s divine dress is by Rime Arodaky and she looked spectacular in it! Adam also kept his outfit a secret, so they both got that moment seeing each other for the first time in what they’ve chosen to wear as Olivia walked down the aisle. Which we think is a lovely touch.


The ceremony was on a jetty over the lake *SWOON*, conducted by Olivia’s brother; Ben. They got officially married in the UK a few days before they flew over to France, so it meant that they could make the ceremony their own! Ben did a marvelous job of having the right blend of formality and personal touches and everyone laughed when he said,


“This is the only time I’ll say this as her older brother, but Adam, you may kiss the bride!”


It got a big cheer from the crowd and the newlyweds themselves - perfect!


Then everyone made their way to the courtyard, a place that has historically been a gathering place for guests. As global friends new and old were chatting and catching up the champagne was flowing, the canapés were delicious and we were serenaded by the talented Phil King’s soulful, velvety tones.


After more delicious food for dinner we snuck off with Olivia & Adam to catch the last of the beautiful South of France light for some portraits just before the evening celebrations began. And jeeeez - it was gorgeous! Look out in the film for Olivia & Adam looking out towards the venue at dusk, it’s dreamy.


Instead of a traditional wedding cake, there was a stack of croissants! To help everyone dance the night away and get the party started DJ and sax player [insert name here]. Everyone certainly let loose, ties were around heads as soon as the lights were down. [sax player] really got the party started!


It was a stylish, fun, international party celebrating these two lovebirds in the best way possible.

We had a great day working alongside Alban [surname]

Charlotte’s favourite moment from this film: Adam giving Olivia his jacket as the air was cooling - which does what we thought was impossible: Olivia manages to look even more chic!

Craig’s favourite moment from this film: The beautiful light that we chased just after sunset - sometimes called magic hour or blue hour, but never lasts an hour! It's the moment of time where the sky is filled with gorgeous, soft, hazy light. It's often a pale blue-ish colour, but you tend to see lilacs, pale pinks and oranges too!

supplier love

Film - Hello There Films

Venue - Les Domaines de Patras

Photo - Alban Pichon

HMU - Billy and Clyde

Florist - Rose Patchouli

Dress - Rime Arodaky

Acoustic singer - Phil King

Sax & DJ - Brendan Mills

Catering - Helen

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