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Hello There everyone!

Hope you're all doing well. We've been a little quiet on here as we've actually been quite busy - lots of behind the scenes stuff for the website, lots of admin (new enquiries and bookings as well as postponements!), a little bit of socially distant commercial work and our ongoing series about what people are missing during lockdown.

Our 'what do you miss' series of videos with our neighbours on our street was a hit with people on a personal level, which we're *super* proud of. I was chatting about it when I was at our local bakers Pink Lane Bakery ( in Gosforth and the lovely folk there wanted to get involved! Have a look and see what they're missing during lockdown.

This is an ever changing project, and we're excited to see where it goes - we were recently asked what the 'end goal' was, and we don't think there is one - it was started as a way of staying creative and hearing people's' stories, first and foremost.

We couldn't have imagined that anyone involved would have such heartwarming and wonderful and thought provoking things to say. So, we're excited to see where it goes. Thank you to anyone who has been involved so far 💜 it's been wonderful to meet you all,talk to you and hear your stories, and keep us creatively sane. Hopefully it's meant something to you too :)

Charlotte & Craig

Hello There Films

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