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"Should We Get A Wedding Film?"

Should you get a wedding film?

We think you should. But don’t take our word for it, have a read on and see how you feel…..

A question we like to ask, when you look at videos, or live photos, on your phone, what is it you like about them? Reminiscing about a social event, a party or a family member you've not seen in a while? Is it because you can hear a baby's laugh, part of the conversation that was going on at the time, hearing music that was on in the background, or seeing things move on screen?

If yes to any of the above, we think you would definitely benefit from a wedding film.

Here’s a story about why we think so.

Charlotte and I are pretty sentimental people. We both have old VHS tapes that our parents and grandparents made; they are some our most treasured memories.

Memories that only exist to us because of someone taking a camera and recording them. I can hear my Granda talking, see places we used to live, reminisce about my sister's first birthday party and a million other things. Things that we don’t remember, without the help of seeing them on screen.

My parents actually had their wedding filmed. A sunny day in October, 1985. Pretty badly, of course, however it’s a memory all the same; me and my sister laugh and poke fun and talk about what people were wearing and how much people have changed (namely how ladies had less hair and the gentlemen had more hair than they do now) but it’s still that - a memory. One we weren’t there to see - but we could see my Mam in her dress, how my Dad was smiling on their wedding day, and that my Uncle Jimmy was wearing a bright red tie with shoes to match.

I mean, it was a family friend who was filming, and the video infamously (or famously, haven’t quite worked it out yet) ends when the camera zooms in to a mound of ham at the reception, and didn’t have any spare tapes - but it’s a memory nonetheless!

There’s an element of timelessness to it; yes technology has changed, but since then we’ve had the VHS transferred to USB (a *great* Christmas present and super easy to do) so the memory can live on.

That’s the aim we have. That’s what we want - to create timeless films for you to show your kids, grandkids, friends and family for generations to come. To create an heirloom that captures the spirit and excitement of your celebrations.

In terms of our approach, we understand that every love story is different and unique, and our aim is to encapsulate your story in your very own film. We get to know our couples, understand their likes and dislikes, learn what they appreciate in life. All of these factors affect how, and what, we film.

Gone are the days of bulky video cameras, headphones, huge zoom lenses, big microphones and camera folk who don’t say a word all day. Our cameras are teeny tiny, and our couples have often complimented us on the fact that they forget we’re even filming. We blend in to your celebrations, chatting to your bridal party, hearing your funny memories. I’m 6’4”, and Charlotte has an ever changing hair colour (peach at time of writing), so for people to say we blend in to the day is a testament to our unobtrusive way of filming.

We mention all of this, because one of the main reasons you may be against having a wedding film is a person being in the way, a distraction from your day, when this isn’t the case. Any good wedding videographer wants you to feel as comfortable as possible, and actively does things to put you at ease. This is when real and raw emotion happens.

Some people will compare wedding photography to film. We think wedding photography is super important; it's an art form in it’s own right and an amazing way to remember your day. Some of our best friends are photographers and what they capture isn’t anything short of inspirational and wonderful and magical.

However, what a wedding film offers, is a different type of memory.

Seeing, hearing, feeling.

Seeing a loved ones laugh, hearing them telling you that you look beautiful in your dress, feeling the emotion when they give you the hug before setting off to walk down the aisle.

There’s a reason it’s called moving image. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then how many does 25 crammed into one second say?

You spend time picking a celebrant, your partner spends time perfecting their speech, your Dad takes time to write and then plucks up the courage to give the most wonderful delivery of old memories in his speech - wouldn’t it be a shame not to be able to hear that again?

That’s what a great wedding film will offer. Not just beautiful visuals, but wonderful audio memories too.

Seeing + hearing = feeling.

In cinema, it’s argued that sound is more than 50% of the film There are more people than you can imagine that work as part of a sound team on your favourite movie. It goes hand in hand; it’s *as* important.

Photographic memories are amazing. What video offers is the lead up to why someone laughs, the before and after of a joke, the reason why someone is smiling, what causes happy tears during a speech. Seeing someone smile when they don’t know they’re on camera is a wonderful thing, and one of our most favourite things to capture.

So much time and effort goes into a wedding day, and it flies over (100% of previous couples will testament to this).

We’re there to capture it, so you can watch it and create these memories we mentioned earlier for you, your family and the generations to come.

And that’s why we think you should choose a wedding film.

Craig & Charlotte x

Wedding Videography

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