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Surviving Social Distancing | EPISODE 6

Ok. So the clocks went forward (YAY!) and we wanted to continue to tackle the yard; we're going to be at home for the foreseeable future anyways so if we've got access to an outdoor area, garden or yard, it makes sense to want to utilise the space and spend some time there.

Charlotte got planting with some wild flowers seeds (amongst lots of other stuff but wild flowers are easy to remember the name of!) and Craig (me!) got to work with painting some pallets that we're gonna stack on blocks to use as a seating area.

We can't wait for the sun to shine and to be able to sit outside and read, reply to emails and have a glass of wine! It's a naff situation we all find ourselves in but if we make our space as normal and painless as possible, it'll greatly help us get by and feel comfortable.

How is everyone getting on? Anyone managed to get outside with a cup of tea and a sit down?

I managed to do a bit of reading yesterday, though it was super cold, I felt much better for it!

Take care everyone and stay safe

Craig x

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