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storytelling shoots

We both like really good films. Most really good films have a really good story.

A beginning, a middle and an end. A reason.

Story is ‘king’ as they say. A purpose for what you see on screen. A ‘why’. A meaning. 

Story is the most important thing, and we all know love stories are the best.

They’re the ones everyone can relate to, the ones you have the most connection with.

Romeo and Juliet, Wall-E and Eve, Ennis and Jack, Vivian and Edward,  Jack and Rose, Cleopatra and Mark-Antony, Robb Stark and Talisa, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.

Why should your wedding film be any different?

pre wedding interview park london tight.

We get to know our couples. Figure out your likes and dislikes. What do you appreciate in life? Where did you both meet? How did the proposal go down? Do you drink coffee or tea? How do you spend your free time? Why have you chosen the venue you've chosen? Why have you decided to get married at that time of year?

The ‘why’ answers to these questions say a lot about a person. 

If you say that their wedding day is about family and friends being together, then that’s what we concentrate on when we film and when we’re in the edit. The feeling of love and family and friends under one roof. Hugs, laughs and smiles.

If you are a romantic couple, we concentrate on you; how you are with each other, how you hold each other, your dialogue and speeches, how you look at one another. 

Some of our couples opt in for our ‘storytelling shoot’ - an interview style shoot where we ask things like how you met, who made the first move, what you would want to say to each other on the morning of their wedding, what you're looking forward to most, as well as a number of other things; each interview is completely different. 

From our initial chat with our you, we think of a meaningful backdrop to conduct the ‘interview’; this could be where they had their your date, where you spent a lot of time early on in your relationship, a park where you walk your dog or at your home. 

‘Interview’ makes it sound a lot more formal than it is - it’s essentially a chat where we give prompts and you tell us funny stories, anecdotes and memories. It’s a lovely experience where we learn about our couples.

A pre wedding shoot is great if anyone is feeling a little uncomfortable being on camera, it can bring out some amazing responses from even the shyest of people. 

From there we like to pick a story you've told and open up your film with it. After spending a day filming your celebrations we’re able to choose a story that sets the tone for the film. 

You receive the full ‘interview’ upon delivery - normally around half an hour (but only limited to how much you want to talk!) which is ace as it really captures the love and excitement in the build up to your big day.

The pre-wedding shoots are filmed in the run up to the wedding. This could be a few weeks before, a few days before, or we’ve even got a couple booked in for the *day before* their wedding, so you can imagine the excitement literally hours before getting married! 

Weddings are super personal experiences. We believe a wedding film should be too.

Every love story is different. Your wedding day is about you.

The pre wedding shoots give us an amazing opportunity to get to know you, not only to put you at ease on the day, but more importantly so we can understand you more. 

Understanding the ‘whys’ as well as the ‘whats’ , ’hows’ and ‘whens’, means we can tell a really good story.

And a really good story makes for a really good film. 

It’s your story. Let’s tell it. 


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