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Letter reading on your wedding morning

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We spend your entire wedding day listening out for any bits of audio that can be used to make your film even more personal and tailored to you. Your ceremony and speeches are our main sources. But when one of our couples decide to write each other letters (or cards) and read each other's out loud - it's our dream come true!

Wedding morning bride letter reading natural light

A lot of couples choose to send a card to each other on the morning of their celebrations, but sometimes there's just a little too much to say for a card! It's your chance to remind the person you love the most the reason behind all of the madness of wedding planning; the reason you're doing this! Letters and letter reading have a unique ability to convey emotions in a way that spoken words sometimes cannot. Putting pen to paper, in our digital world, is a timeless and intimate gesture. Whether you choose to write about your love story, your hopes for the future, or simply express your love and gratitude, these letters and the footage we capture become cherished keepsakes that can be revisited for years to come.

Wedding morning groom letter reading natural light

Your wedding morning is a whirlwind of emotions, anticipation, and excitement. Amidst the flurry of preparations, this is your chance for a moment of quiet reflection that can set the tone for the entire day. As the morning creeps on and you're both almost ready, we'll sit you down in some lovely light (hopefully next to a massive window), clear the room of everybody so you've got some peace and quiet and get you to read it out loud.

Tips for letter reading:

  • Make your letter personal: Share your favourite memories, inside jokes, and reasons why you fell in love. Make it uniquely yours.

  • We’ll choose a quiet setting hopefully next to a massive window: We’ll make sure the space is serene, has some natural light and is quiet. We’ll also clear the room of anyone else if you want us to!

  • Be authentic: Don't hold back while you’re reading the letter addressed to you. Let your emotions flow naturally, and don't be afraid to shed a tear!

Wedding morning bride letter reading natural light

Not only is this an absolutely dreamy moment for you both to have; reading letters that the person you're about to marry has written especially for you, but it also means that we've captured genuinely raw emotions and some gorgeous audio that is totally unique to you and your love story. It really adds a different dimension to your wedding film, an extra level of personalisation.

If you’re wondering whether to write each other letters on the morning of your big day - GO FOR IT! It’s lush and we love it!

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