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Just how much confetti do you need?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Planning a wedding can be a minefield . . . it doesn't happen every day! You are thrown in at the deep-end with unusual wedding-day-specific decisions to make such as: does everyone need an individual menu or will one for the table be okay? What piece of music do we want playing when we sign register? Do we need a champagne tower and if yes, will a rather merry uncle Bob fall into it sending shattered glass everywhere??

Hopefully we can help with this decision: how much confetti should we order?

A bride and groom holding hands with pink and white paper disc confetti all around them

We LOVE confetti and we love talking about it! It's a brilliantly fun part of a wedding day, when all of your guests have been sat down, listening to you declare your undying love for each other, like coiled springs ready to explode with wedding merriment. We can't think of any better way to use all of that pent up energy than to throw confetti and cheer loudly.

Sooo, just how much do you need?? That's where our confetti guide comes in!

First things first, it depends on how you want your confetti to look and what your venue allows.

If there are no restrictions, the round tissue paper discs (biodegradable ones) stay in the air longest and make for the best confetti shots from our point of view.

A lot of venues ask for real petals only and there are loads of options within this, although they don’t stay in the air *quite* as long, real petals look beautiful afterwards wherever they’ve fallen.

Once you’ve decided on that it’s time to work out how your guests will end up with it in their hands. Again, a few options with this.

Individual packets have a few options, flat packets or cones are the most popular, but have a look online (see below for suggested suppliers to get your started), there are so many options! A lot of websites/suppliers let you customise the packets too. Remember to double check if you’re buying packets whether or not you need to fill them yourself or not - which is GREAT excuse to have someone in your wedding party round for drinks and confetti stuffing!

You can have buckets/baskets for guests to grab a handful of it, this is the easiest way from your point of view - no packaging anything up or buying individual packets, but some guests will be tempted to grab a massive handful (a massive pile of confetti does look inviting and we’ve definitely done this in the past!) so you’ll need to factor in a little bit more than if you are having individual packets.

A table to work out how much confetti per number of guests
Confetti Calculator

In terms of actual volume:

Flat packets: 1 per person

Cones: can often be 1 between 2, depending on size

No packaging: roughly 1 litre gives around 20 handfuls

You can use our table to help work it out!

Phew! You might be thinking all of this for only a tiny moment of your day?? Honestly, the rush you’ll get when everyone is cheering and you’re showered with beautiful confetti is one of the best feelings. Of course we’ll be there to capture it so you can watch it over and over again. This is one of the only situations that we really have to ‘stage’ during a wedding day. Unfortunately, people lining up to throw confetti over you just doesn’t happen naturally! As we've said - we LOVE confetti, especially me (Charlotte), I like to be surrounded by it at all times! If it’s important to you and your day it will be worth the teeny bit of effort beforehand.

Suggested suppliers:

There are so many though, this is just the tip of the confetti iceberg.

Happy confetti shopping!

Ps confetti fact: the word comes from an Italian word for sweets/candies and one singular piece would be called a 'confetto'

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