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What Have We Been Missing? | a short series created during lockdown in the UK

Before we moved house we were busy with a small community project that we dubbed 'what are we missing'. It was actually part of one of our 'Surviving Social Distancing' episodes a while back.

Basically, at the height of lockdown, we felt at a bit of a loss not being able to shoot people and places and hear people's stories. A Facebook group for our street had been formed and there was people making PPE and masks and scrubs for the NHS, all sorts. We felt a little useless and had a think about what we could use with the tools that we had available to us.

We asked our neighbours on our street if they wanted to tell us about what they've been missing during lockdown. Trivial things; Craig had missed going to the barbers, sitting in a beer garden open til close, Charlotte had missed going to the Grainger Market and looking at all of the food, but inevitably always choosing a Turkish wrap.

It became quite apparent at the first house we went to, that people had other ideas about what they wanted to say. What we thought would be some trivial things, and kind of hoping people might give us something emotional at some point, even just a little bit - every house we went to we got the most wonderful, emotionally charged, genuine and beautiful responses. Kids got involved, there were tears and laughs, and it was such a wonderful way to get talking to our neighbours and hear people's stories about how they were getting on and how they were coping during lockdown.

We did a couple of episodes with people on our street (shown below) and as placers started to reopen we had been talking to the wonderful folk at Pink Lane Bakery ( in Gosforth and they wanted to get involved too.

We changed up our edit slightly, dropped the music completely and made the videos more about the people in them. We were blown away by how open and honest and wonderful the things we got to hear. We are so thankful we were able to give the platform to hear the responses we did. We think that because lockdown was such a claustrophobic experience for so many, the fact that a stranger was asking them what they have been missing may have prompted something or triggered something in their minds to open up somewhat.

We don't know really, we tried to pinpoint it and the only thing we could come up with was when you've had something on your mind for so long, and you've spoken to your friends about every tiny detail and they know the inside out, but when someone who hasn't heard the qualm and it's a fresh set of ears, sometimes you feel better talking it through with a stranger, if that makes sense? Apologies if it doesn't but that's the best we can come up wit at present!

After Pink Lane Bakery we also did videos with the Brandling Villa (, Nicholson's Butchers ( Epernay Bridal ( and Studio 28 Patisserie (, all of which have close places in our hearts, we use them for deliverables and are lovely folk!

Anyways, before I ramble on too much, here are the said short films together in one place!

This was such a rewarding project to work on. We had a few tears when watching them if we're honest. A massive thank you to anyone who got involved!

Enjoy :)

Craig x

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