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Surviving Social Distancing | EPISODE 5

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

How can we keep poutsleves busy when the weather is half decent and we can't go out? Most of us will have access to a yard/garden that we can use. Our yard needed a good sprucing up ahead of this summer and we started that process today - weeding, bagging up and a general big tidy of the yard ahead of power washing at some point in the next week. It's important to keep busy if we're in isolation - and if we have an outdoor area that we can freely use, then we should, right? We'll be honest, we're looking forward to wine in the garden with barbecued burgers at some point soon! Your outdoor space doesn't have to be big (ours isn't) but make it yours and make it a place you want to spend time! We can't wait to read books whilst sat outside, taking an ipad out and emailing from the yard. This weird time doesn't have to be so terrible.

Let us know how you're getting on with any outdoor area you have, and let's make the most of it whilst we can't venture anywhere else! #HelloThereFilms

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