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Surviving Social Distancing | EPISODE 7 | Easter Special

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

How's everyone doing? Currently the sun is shining and we're on our second BBQ of the year, which makes us *very* happy.

So last year we made an Easter video for the niblings...

Noun. nibling (plural niblings) (uncommon) The child of one's sibling or of one's sibling-in-law (in other words, one's niece or nephew) ... where they took part in an Easter egg hunt. Obviously this year we can't take part in such an event so we've decided to make a video about us hearing the Easter bunny, and almost seeing it, in our backyard, and then discovering some treats that he or she has left for us to find! It was ace to play out, and here's a little BTS of what we got up to.

The point in this episode is that you can make your own videos on your phone - shoot, edit and upload. Easy peasy. Yes, we have lots of video equipment at home, but you can do so much on your phone just through some apps. Here's a few apps that are available for download from the app store - Splice Magisto InShot Video Editor VivaVideo Imovie Adobe Premiere as well as a whole host of others. Have a go and let us know how you get on! Anyways. Let us know how you're getting creative this Easter weekend! We hope everyone has a great one, but most of all, a safe one. Stay home if you can. Lots can be done to keep us busy, go find a bunny in your yard! Take care everyone x #HelloThereFilms

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