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Surviving Social Distancing | EPISODE 9 | we all need a laugh during Covid-19 right?

Hello There everyone!

Hope everyone is doing grand and enjoying some lovely April sunshine.

Lockdown is tough but when the sun shines it eases it a little, don't you think?

We're taking part in an online wedding fair and we had to film ourselves for a change, talking about how we work, package options and the like, and the whole process certainly highlighted that we're better off behind the camera than in front!

So to give a bit of humour to your weekend we've got a short blooper reel for you to feast your eyes on. Watch su stumble over words and make silly noises.

Worryingly, quite a lot of mistakes were made for such a short script we had to get through.

I doubt me and Charlotte would make it into any Hollywood blockbusters!

Let us know how your weekend is going so far, what your plans are.

We're gonna try and get another BBQ in and continue to (fingers crossed) save the front lawn! Take care everyone x

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