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VISA - Where You Shop Matters. Copycat advert with Epernay Bridal.

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since we've put anything up on the blog, there's good reason for that- we've been super busy behind the scenes, on a whole host of things; workshops, planning changes and implementing them to the website, lots of shooting, lots of editing.

The lovely folk over at Epernay Bridal in Gosforth (who we've worked with before on the Horton Grange styled shoot) got in touch and asked if we'd be interested in making a version of the VISA 'where you shop matters' campaign from last Christmas. This year they were opening it up to the folk on our Great British High Street- if you had an independent business, you could get involved.

It was a slightly last minute affair- when we met up we realised we had under a week to get it made and entered! But after a little shuffle around we managed to storyboard, shoot, edit and uploaded in a few short hours.

See how we did below!

It was a great little project to work on, something that really got the creative juices flowing and something that made us feel all Christmassy inside!

Let's all try and shop local and independent this Christmas. Support your local :)

Craig x

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